E18- Why Rich People Should Play Magic

I speak with Branden Nadeau for one of my favourite conversations on this podcast to date. Branden plays the trading card game Magic: The Gathering at a competitive level and has had some success with it. We talk about the importance of Magic in his life and why it is important to have something that you are passionate about in your life in general. We also discuss how perspective is everything, how balance is key and the truth behind about a million other cliche statements. We also touch on our favourite podcasts, T.V show and much much more. If you people would like to connect with Branden you can find him on Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

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E10- Something Something Darkside

We show our nerdy sides as we talk about Star Wars, the implications of virtual reality and we even touch on the LOTR universe. *SPOILER ALERT* If you have not seen Rouge One or you just don't give a shit about Star Wars skip to the 65 minute mark. Yea we go pretty deep on the whole Star Wars thing. For up to date info on the podcast follow us on:





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