E26- Kingdom Come and Beyond


On this episode of the podcast Cody sits down for a chat with Calgary author and school teacher Danica Power. Danica is a fiction writer whose work includes the Alchetorai Legends series. The two of them have a great conversation that covers subject matter such as: the ever worsening hangover, the privacy issues teachers face in the age of social media, growing up with social media and how that shapes your views on privacy, using mountain diagrams to map out your plot points in a story, the writing process, making sure you capture those creative ideas when they come to you, how using a calendar is a sign of maturity, not paying for parking in private parking lots, finding inspiration in your everyday life, searching for deeper meaning in the stories you read, tips on building a comprehensive fantasy universe for your stories, being careful with your use of idioms while writing, the point where you stop doing the research and just do the work, realizing there is no right way to do things and finding a way that works for you, not comparing yourself to other people, and much more. Danica published her first book, Kingdom Come: The Second, in March of this year, if you would like to pick-up a copy of your own you can do so HERE

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