Flirting with the Divine

Written By: Cody Smith

She is a cruel mistress...

She comes and goes as she pleases, as fickle as the wind, never staying long. She cannot be summoned, yet many yearn for her presence even if they don’t know her by name. She reaches out to many, man and woman alike, yet she favors the bold, the daring and the skilled. Those she touches are filled with a headiness that resonates deep within the soul. Those familiar with her touch become drunk on the very idea that she may grace them with her presence. A euphoric intoxicant that no man can get enough of, she is addictive.

She is like a graceful dancer or a familiar lover as she moves and works with you. She is always gentle but has the power to leave knees week and breath bated. Her lingering presence invigorates the spirit and leaves one entranced as they tap into the universal potential. She explores deep within you, never knowing what she might find, but always recognizing the shining beauty when she finds it. Once found, she lights the fuse and waits for it to explode forth into reality. Every explosion is unique and filled with subjective splendor.

The masterful among us recognize her influence and respect her ways. They cultivate ritualistic intent and prepare themselves for her next visit. Because when she does come she comes as sudden as lighting and, as if you were struck by lightning, courses through your veins and reaches out into the tips of your fingers. She is like the storm, you can prepare yourself for the thunder but you can never predict when the lightning will strike. The ethereal nature of her existence attracts her to the divine and, no matter how humble, whatever is rightly done is divine.

Give yourself to her fully. Let her become the captain of your ship made from flesh and bone. She will give and you will take. She will ask for nothing in return. She knows that her gift will help to bring beauty into this dull grey world, as it has for all of the others that have come before you. She entwines you with her harmonious grace, dragging you forth into the present moment. Moving through your limbs she creates majesty with your talent and entices others through your actions.

When she has had her way with you, leaving you breathless and worn, she moves onto the next man or woman. She picks those who have cultivated their skills and prepared themselves for her arrival. She aims her bow and strikes for the heart. She pulls light from the dark and beauty from the depths of the vast sea of human potential. The wise come to recognize her work and can see when she has moved the hand of another. A knowing smile appears on their face as they breathe the softness of her name. She is eternal and transverses time and space. She has known many before you and will know many more after you are gone.

She is fleeting, she does not stay long.

The Muse is a cruel mistress.