When Worlds Collide

Written By: Cody Smith

Every single person you encounter is carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders- the incredibly heavy weight of their own personal world. A universe in which they themselves are the sun, and you, you might not be anything more than an asteroid whizzing by at high speeds never to be seen again.

That’s not always the case however

Sometimes you get caught in the gravitational pull of that suns existence. You may just circle a few times before the suns gravitational grip releases you, sending you hurtling off into the void of humanity, a bit delayed on your journey. In a world where every perceived moment is as precious as the last, the time can feel wasted. Time is rarely ever wasted.

Sometimes, not nearly as often, the gravitational pull is so strong that you are dragged onto a collision course with the sun. You fear that you are going to burn up in its fiery magnificence. The funny thing is, the sun has the same fears as you.

Worlds collide.

The collision is violent at first. Pieces of both worlds are jettisoned into the nothingness with hopes that they do not return with a vengeance. The pieces lost are the superficial, outer layers that will always build back up with time. The cores of both worlds are exposed, maybe for the first time. There is an intense heat at first followed by periods of cooling. A never ending cycle of give and take- a dance in which you must find the perfect balance.

Universes entwine

You soon forget what it was like to be that lonely asteroid flying through space. Your reality has taken on another. Try as you might to integrate one into another it can never be so. Each will forever remain its own universe. They coexist and spiral within one another. The amalgamation of their stars is brilliant to behold as they dance in complementary rotation of each other. The two worlds burn brightly together at first. Like all things the brightness slowly fades. It returns periodically in moments of passion and gratitude. Sometimes it is extinguished all together and you are cast into darkness. These moments of darkness are necessary, how can you truly appreciate the warm glow of the sun if the night never came? If you are lucky, you will maintain a steady glow that will burn forth until the end of time. Lady luck can be a cruel mistress however.

More than likely, the brightness will continue to fade until it is nothing more than a single firefly lazily bobbing through the vast night sky. The hand of fate swats that fly, that last remaining speck of light, into oblivion- a final plunge into the darkness. The gravitational force that held these two worlds together begins to fade. Gradually, they begin to untangle themselves from one another. Sometimes in explosive bursts, but more often than not it is through the long arduous dulling that only time seems capable of.

They go their separate ways. Each left raw, each left vulnerable to the dangers of traveling through space- alone.

As you float through space, fragments of your outer shell begin to return. You remember what it’s like to be that lonely asteroid again. The anticipation of the action is worse than the action itself. It’s not so bad. Time is rarely wasted.

When worlds collide they are never truly free from one another. Pieces are always left behind. They become incorporated into the new world. You are better because of the collision. You float on, your gravitational pull stronger than ever.

You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, your world at least. Each and every person shoulders the weight of their own personal worlds. We are billions of separate universes coexisting simultaneously in a collective consciousness. Each person is the center of their own universe, each person hoping for a collision one day- if they are lucky. We all walk through the space that is our collective reality with the universe on our minds and the weight of our world on our shoulders.