Hardcore History

Hardcore History is hosted by Dan Carlin and is treated as his personal forum for exploring topics throughout our worlds history. Carlin’s podcasts are heavily story driven and exciting, they are nothing like those dry history lectures you might remember from school. The podcast focuses on the most violent and dramatic moments in human history using colorful anecdotes that were probably left out of your classroom. The focus of each episode varies widely from show to show but is generally centered around a specific historical event. Dan approaches each episode with an enthusiasm that is contagious and will definitely get you excited about the events being discussed. Hardcore History receives millions of downloads per episode and has amassed a loyal following which anxiously awaits new episodes every 3-6 months. The podcast was nominated for a Stitcher Award in 2012 for Best Educational and Learning Podcast, it also recieved th Best Classic Podcast Award from iTunes in 2014. Dan also produces Hardcore History: Addendum which is filled with additional content that might not be suited for the main feed.


Things I Like About The Podcast:

  • Dan’s years of radio experience really shine through, his cadence and tone are excellent and it makes it easy to listen to

  • Dan is a master story teller and is able to paint a vivid picture in your mind of the events in history

  • Dan is good at drawing parallels between historical events and modern day values

  • The podcast explores the more human elements of history which makes it far more relatable to the average listener

  • The audio quality of the podcast is excellent and the editing, if there is any at all, is flawless

  • Dan is very good at taking an unbiased stance and often explores both sides of an issue


Things That Aren’t So Great About the Podcast:

  • The podcast is not for the faint of heart, the events described are very extreme and often violent

  • Most of the episodes are extremely long

  • Because each episode is a work of audio art it takes about 3 to 4 months for new episodes to be released

  • It’s something that you want to pay a lot of attention to because you don’t want to miss anything, so that makes it hard to listen while you are doing other things

A Little About The Host:

Dan Carlin is an American political commentator and podcaster. He was once a professional radio host but decided to take his show to the internet in 2005 and started the podcast Common Sense (No longer running) where he would pontificate about the political climate in the USA. Dan has obtained a B.A. in history from the university of Colorado but does not classify himself as a historian. Carlin is simply a fan of history and his main focus with the podcast is to popularize the events of the past and communicate complex ideas as simply as possible. Dan has worked as a television reporter, covering the LA riots of 1992, as well as an author, a columnist, and a radio talk show host. He has also been invited to the pentagon by the military brass of the United States on an advisory level to give his opinions on current world issues.

Top 5 Recommended Series:

  1. E34-39 Death Throes of the Republic

  2. E48 Prophets of Doom

  3. E50-55 Blueprints for Armageddon

  4. E56-58 Kings of Kings

  5. E60 The Celtic Holocaust

5 out of 5 Golden Frogs

The Drunken Taoist

The Drunken Taoist is a bi-monthly podcast that is hosted by Italian American author and college professor Daniele Bolelli. The podcast was started in 2012 after Bolleli’s appearance on a number of other popular podcasts, such as The Joe Rogan Experiance and Skepticality. One of the monthly episodes features discussions and interviews with one or more guests. The other includes rants, history tidbits, and verbal tai-chi with co-host Rich Evirs. The podcast covers a wide variety of subject matter including religion, politics, sex, martial arts, philosophy, history, current events, family and much more. Basically the show covers whatever makes life intense, passionate, and worth living.

“Fuck pain, fuck heartbreak, I’m still in love with life.”- Daniele Bolelli

What I Like About The Podcast:

  • Having grown up in Italy, Daniele has a unique view on North American culture which is refreshing to hear

  • Daniele has a very healthy attitude towards life and is very candid about his experiences with fatherhood, teaching, and loss.

  • It’s nice to hear the opinions of a couple of “Average Joe’s” on subjects such as life and current events

  • You frequently learn about obscure little stories from history that are both interesting and entertaining

  • True to it’s name, the stance taken on by the podcast on most issues is often nuanced and tend to be more towards the middle

  • The podcast really encourages balance in all aspects of life

  • Explores taboo subject matter such as sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

  • Bolelli’s Italian accent is fun to listen to


Things That Aren’t So Great About The Show:

  • Rich Evirs may be the most annoying co-host on the face of the planet

  • The interview episodes of the podcast can be very underwhelming at times

  • The two of them spend a lot of time reminiscing about the “good old days” and tend to shit all over millennial’s

  • Both hosts are busy individuals and sometimes record a bunch of podcasts all at once, as a result some of the podcasts can be dated by the time they are released

  • Audio quality is not always the greatest

A Little About The Host:

Daniele Bolelli is an Italian American author, university professor, and martial artist based in southern California. Bolelli holds M.A’s in both American Indian Studies and History and he did his postdoctoral research in history at Cardiff University. As a professor, he has taught a wide variety of courses including native american history, Taoist philosophy, ancient roman studies, world religions, and the philosophy of martial arts. He has written several books on the topics of martial arts (On The Warriors Path), Religion ( Create Your Own Religion: A How To Book With Instructions & 50 Things Your Not Supposed to Know: Religion), as well as an autobiographical tail called Not Afraid: On Fear, Heartbreak, Raising a Baby Girl, and Cage Fighting. Daniele has trained in several different styles of martial arts and has both coached and fought professionally in MMA. Bolelli has appeared as a guest on numerous popular podcast and was also included in SPIKE T.V’s documentary I Am Bruce Lee. Also hosts the popular history podcast Hardcore History.

Top 5 Recommended Episodes:

  1. E1- Duncan Trussel: Vampire Hunter

  2. E23- Dan Carlin: The Man Who Can Make History Fun

  3. E35- Tait Flecher, Nothing But Heart

  4. E59- My Friend Mike V on Climbing Out of Hell

  5. E79- Ryan Holiday on Stoicism and Character Building

3.5 out of 5 Golden Frogs

The Aubrey Marcus Podcast

The Aubrey Marcus Podcast is a conversation based podcast that is hosted by the self-proclaimed warrior poet Aubrey Marcus. The podcast strives to answer questions such as, How do we find our purpose in life? How do we wake up each day and be who we are truly meant to be? How do we have a few more laughs along the way and make being a human a little better? The Aubrey Marcus Podcast tries to answer these questions, and many more, by inviting the brightest minds in athletics, business, science, relationships, and spirituality to be guests on the show. With over 10 million downloads on iTunes alone, this motivational destination has fostered honest conversation and has helped millions along the way.


What I Like About The Podcast:

  • If you need a healthy dose of positivity or motivation to do the thing, this is a good podcast to listen to

  • Aubrey Marcus seems like he genuinely wants to help people get their shit together

  • Aubrey is a true psychonaught and is open and honest about his experiances

  • The only ads that are run on the podcast are for Aubrey’s own company Onnit

  • Some of the episodes are extremely profound and have resonated with me personally on a deep level

  • Very willing to explore the topics of alternative lifestyles in regards to sex, relationships, and health

  • Very unique guests from the psychedelic community and the “counter culture” make appearances on the show

  • Aubrey is a strong advocate for the legalization of psychedelics and supports organizations such as MAPS who are working towards that

Things That Aren’t So Great About the Podcast:

  • Aubrey can let his ego get in the way while he is interviewing people

  • The podcast can be very Bro-y at times an the bro science can get a little annoying

  • Aubrey tries to be funny sometimes and he really shouldn’t because hes not that funny and it derails the conversation

  • Guests are all very unique and interesting but they all tend to hold very similar opinions

  • The conversation often drifts towards psychedelics no matter who the guest is and what they may be discussing, Aubrey sees them as the end all be all medicine

  • Aubrey isn’t the best interviewer and tends to talk over and interrupt his guests

A Little About The Host:

Aubrey Marcus is the founder and CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy that he calls total human optimization. He works with top professional athletes around the world and has optimized millions of lives across the globe. Aubrey regularly provides commentary for media outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Doctors, as well as a feature in Men’s Health. He is the founder and designer of the life-coaching course Go For Your Win which is dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs. Aubrey is very passionate about raising awareness about psychedelic medicines and is very candid about his experiences with them. He champions organizations such as MAPS and the Heffter Institute as a result of his life changing experiences with psychedelics. He is also an author with the release of his first book Own the Day, Own Your Life.

Top Recommended Episodes:

  1. #45- The Most Addictive Drug in the World: Flow w/ Steven Kotler

  2. #76- Ego is the Enemy w/ Ryan Holiday

  3. #117- Transformation, Tribe, and Preparing for Challenging Times w/ Jamie Wheal

  4. #138- The Cure is Near w/ Rick Doblin

  5. #161- Music, Muse, and Medicine w/ Glitch Mobs Justin Boreta

4 out of 5 Golden Frogs

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Previously known as The Lavender Hour, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour has over 250 episodes to it's name and is hosted by american stand-up comedian Duncan Trussell. Each episode Duncan is joined by a special guest and they explore a diverse range of topics including art, society, politics, religion, culture and much more. The candid nature of the podcasts host combined with the fact that absolutely no topic is off limits produces entertaining, unique, and sometimes enlightening conversations. This is primarily a comedy podcast so the listener should be prepared for random bouts of ridiculousness that are spotted in between the serious conversation. You will laugh, you may cry, but you will definitely be exposed to a new and interesting idea or viewpoint.


Things I Like About The Podcast:

  • Some of the episodes are down right hilarious and will have you laughing from start to finish.

  • It explores subject matter that tends to be more on the spiritual side of the spectrum.

  • It explores the philosophy of many different religions in an un-biased way.

  • The introduction to each episode is unique, bold, and can be very enlightening.

  • The ads are done in a fun way.

  • Duncan invites guests onto his show that a lot of other podcasts may over look.

  • No subject is off limits.

  • Duncan has a unique way of looking at life which pushes his guests into areas of conversation that are interesting and unique.

  • Duncan is extremely humble and does not let his ego get in the way of conversations.


Things That Aren't So Great About The Podcast:

  • The comedy style of this podcast is very mature, extremely ridiculous and random, and tends to be on the dirtier side of the spectrum, which may not be for everyone.

  • Some of the introductions can be a bit much and can go on for far to long.

  • A lot of ranting and raving tends to happen and it can be hard to distinguish what is fact and what is fiction.

  • Duncan, more often then not, will try and go for the laugh which can take away from the seriousness of the conversation sometimes.

  • The podcast is not recorded in a studio so there can be a lot of background noise.

  • Some of the guests can be a little over the top

  • Can lean pretty hard towards the "Woo-Woo" mystical side of things

A Little About The Host:

Duncan Trussell is an american stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. He has written for shows that have appeared on various television networks including Showtime, HBO, and Comedy Central. Duncan has appeared on TV shows shuch as Curb your Enthusiasm and MadTV as well as doing voice over work for animated TV series such as Adventure Time and HBO's animated series Animals. Duncan has been very candid about his struggles with depression and is a very big advocate for the use of psychedelics as a healing tool for mental health. He is also a strong advocate for having some sort of spiritual practice in ones life. He subscribes to the teachings of Ram Dass and his guru Neem Karoli Baba. Duncan is a proud member of the burning man community.

Top 5 Recommended Guests:

  1. Dan Harmon

  2. Jack Kornfield

  3. Chris Ryan

  4. Daniele Bolelli

  5. Pendelton Ward

4 out of 5 Golden Frogs


The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience is a audio and video conversation style podcast. It is hosted by american comedian, actor, and UFC commentator Joe Rogan. The podcast was launched in 2009. It now has over 1000 episodes and is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Because of it's popularity it has been able to attract a number of high profile guests ranging from actors, comedians, scientists, athletes, journalists, intellectuals, and various other experts who have mastered their field of study. The podcast covers a wide range of subject matter and nothing is really off limits for discussion. The Joe Rogan Experience was voted best comedy podcast in 2012 and best overall podcast in 2014. In January of 2015 the podcast had been listened to by over 11 million people, by the end of that same year it had grown to acquire over 16 million downloads per month. It has now become one of the largest media platforms on the planet in terms of it's reach.  

Things I Like About the Podcast:

  • Has a very diverse set of guests on the show: comedians, hunters, scientists, philosophers, athletes, politicians, musicians, actors and everything in between.

  • Is willing to give absolutely anyone who he finds interesting and thinks has a message that needs to be heard a platform.

  • Has a fact checker (Jamie Vernon) in the studio during shows.

  • With over a thousand podcasts under his belt Joe Rogan has become a master of conversation and can talk with pretty much anyone

  • The audio quality is always top notch

  • All of the episodes are long form conversations and that really allows the listener to get to know the guest.

  • There are 2-4 episodes per week

  • No topic is off limits

  • This podcast is crammed full of good information on living a healthy lifestyle, getting your shit together, and just being an all around good human in general

  • From this podcast alone I have discovered so many interesting individuals who I now follow and listen to their podcasts


Things That Aren't so Great About the Podcast:

  • Joe Rogan can let his ego get in the way of certain conversations.

  • He will give anyone a platform and some people seem to abuse this fact and really don't deserve it

  • It is also a video podcast (personally I never watch podcasts) so if you are listening to just the audio you may become become lost in the conversation as they discuss some video they have just pulled up

  • Joe Rogan interrupts, talks over, and sometimes seems to downright ignore people to read things that Jamie has pulled up onto the screen

  • Sometimes they go off on random tangents and lose track of what they were orginally talking about or the point they were trying to make

  • If you are a regular listener there can be a lot of repetition regarding certain facts and theories

   A Little About the Host:

Joe Rogan is an american stand-up comedian, martial artist, as well as a colour commentator and interviewer for the UFC. He began his comedy career in 1988 and since then has released nine comedy specials. He began working for the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1997 and still does it to this day. Joe Rogan has appeared as an actor on television sitcoms such as Hardball and News Radio and has hosted T.V shows such as Fear Factor, The Man Show and Joe Rogan Questions Everything. Joe is a very strong addvicate for the legalization of marijuana and psychedelics as well as hunting, human optimization, and overall physical and mental well being. He has been described a number of times as the Oprah Winfrey for men.

Top 5 Recommended Episodes:

  1. #127 w/ Aubrey Marcus

  2. #877 w/ Jordan Peterson

  3. #975 w/ Sebastian Junger

  4. #1035 w/ Paul Stamets

  5. #1109 w/ Matthew Walker

5 out of 5 Golden Frogs

Making Sense

The Making Sense Podcast is primarily a discussion based podcast that explores topics such as spirituality, morality, religion, free will, science, technology, politics and much more. It was started in September of 2013 and is hosted by american author Sam Harris. Each podcast is primarily a conversation, and sometimes a debate, between Sam and a chosen guest (sometimes 2 guests). The podcast has received critical acclaim and was included on Business Insiders 2017 list of "8 Podcasts That Will Change How You Think About Human Behavior." The Waking Up Podcast (Re-branded as Making Sense with Sam Harris) has also received a 2017 Webby Award for peoples choice in the category of science and education.

Things I Like About The Podcast:

  • There is a wide variety of interesting, well spoken, intelligent guests who are masters in their fields of study

  • Sam Harris is a well spoken individual who is able to convey his ideas in a clear and concise manner

  • Invites people onto the show that he disagrees with to have open and honest debates

  • Is very rational and level headed in his search for what is objectively true

  • Is willing to hold unpopular opinions that he believes to be true and refuses to be shamed into changing those opinions

  • Is willing to change his views when solid evidence and rational arguments are presented

  • Does not run any advertisements at all

  • Sam Harris plays the role of the interviewer very well



Things That Aren't So Great About The Podcast:

  • Some of the episodes are very intellectually dense and can be hard to follow if you are not paying close attention.

  • Sam Harris has many intellectual beefs with people who disagree with him and can get caught up in the "House Keeping" as he calls it.

  • He can get bogged down while talking to a guest over seemingly trivial matters such as terminology.

  • Has very strong opinions on the negative impact that region has on societies, especially Islam.

  • A lot of the interviews are done over skype which can, consequently, affect the audio quality of the episode and can result in people trying to talk over one another.

A Little About The Host:

Sam Harris is an american author who has written books such as The End of Faith, The Moral Landscape, and Waking up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion. Sam is also a cognitive neuroscientist, philosopher, blogger, and host of The Waking Up Podcast. He is a critic of religion and a famous atheist. He concerns himself with matters of spirituality, terrorism, ethics, and morality. He argues that science can answer moral problems and can aid in human well being. Sam Harris is a strong proponent of secular meditation practices and studied meditation with Buddhist and Hindu religious teachers in India and Nepal. Harris has a bachelor of arts in philosophy as well as a PhD in cognitive Neuroscience.

Top 5 Recommended Episodes:

  1. #11- Shouldering the Burden of History w/ Dan Carlin

  2. #71- What is Technology Doing to Us? w/ Tristan Harris

  3. #87- Triggered w/ Scott Adams

  4. #104- The Lessons of Death w/ Frank Ostaseski

  5. #112- The Intellectual Dark Web w/ Ben Shapiro and Eric Weinstein

4.5 out of 5 Golden Frogs