Making Sense

The Making Sense Podcast is primarily a discussion based podcast that explores topics such as spirituality, morality, religion, free will, science, technology, politics and much more. It was started in September of 2013 and is hosted by american author Sam Harris. Each podcast is primarily a conversation, and sometimes a debate, between Sam and a chosen guest (sometimes 2 guests). The podcast has received critical acclaim and was included on Business Insiders 2017 list of "8 Podcasts That Will Change How You Think About Human Behavior." The Waking Up Podcast (Re-branded as Making Sense with Sam Harris) has also received a 2017 Webby Award for peoples choice in the category of science and education.

Things I Like About The Podcast:

  • There is a wide variety of interesting, well spoken, intelligent guests who are masters in their fields of study

  • Sam Harris is a well spoken individual who is able to convey his ideas in a clear and concise manner

  • Invites people onto the show that he disagrees with to have open and honest debates

  • Is very rational and level headed in his search for what is objectively true

  • Is willing to hold unpopular opinions that he believes to be true and refuses to be shamed into changing those opinions

  • Is willing to change his views when solid evidence and rational arguments are presented

  • Does not run any advertisements at all

  • Sam Harris plays the role of the interviewer very well



Things That Aren't So Great About The Podcast:

  • Some of the episodes are very intellectually dense and can be hard to follow if you are not paying close attention.

  • Sam Harris has many intellectual beefs with people who disagree with him and can get caught up in the "House Keeping" as he calls it.

  • He can get bogged down while talking to a guest over seemingly trivial matters such as terminology.

  • Has very strong opinions on the negative impact that region has on societies, especially Islam.

  • A lot of the interviews are done over skype which can, consequently, affect the audio quality of the episode and can result in people trying to talk over one another.

A Little About The Host:

Sam Harris is an american author who has written books such as The End of Faith, The Moral Landscape, and Waking up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion. Sam is also a cognitive neuroscientist, philosopher, blogger, and host of The Waking Up Podcast. He is a critic of religion and a famous atheist. He concerns himself with matters of spirituality, terrorism, ethics, and morality. He argues that science can answer moral problems and can aid in human well being. Sam Harris is a strong proponent of secular meditation practices and studied meditation with Buddhist and Hindu religious teachers in India and Nepal. Harris has a bachelor of arts in philosophy as well as a PhD in cognitive Neuroscience.

Top 5 Recommended Episodes:

  1. #11- Shouldering the Burden of History w/ Dan Carlin

  2. #71- What is Technology Doing to Us? w/ Tristan Harris

  3. #87- Triggered w/ Scott Adams

  4. #104- The Lessons of Death w/ Frank Ostaseski

  5. #112- The Intellectual Dark Web w/ Ben Shapiro and Eric Weinstein

4.5 out of 5 Golden Frogs