E74- Gratuitous Platypus


On this episode of the podcast Cody talks to Stellar, Tristan, and George who together make up the Calgary indie-rock band Gratuitous Platypus. They talk about a wide variety of subject matter including: the supportive nature of their community, the perils of filming food fights, the struggles of being a youth band, the accessibility to music for the younger generation, what its like playing shows with musicians who are far older than you, the joys of owning a physical representation of music, making friends within your local music scene, the push in Calgary for more all ages venues and shows, the evolution of music through technology, unique ticket selling techniques, the downsides of having endless entertainment at your fingertips, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, the culture of instant gratification, and much more. You can listen to the song Don’t Drag Me Down off of the bands latest EP Slightly Foul and Subtly Emphatic at the end of the episode. It is available for purchase HERE

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It's Here!! The OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for I Gotta Go, a track on our newest EP "Slightly Foul And Subtly Empathetic" available soon on Spotify, and Apple Music! If you love high energy rock and roll, and bands like Twin Peaks, The Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, and Nirvana you will love us!

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