E45- Matt Berry- Music Director at X92.9

Ever wonder how your favorite songs make it on the radio? In this episode i get the chance to speak with Matt Berry who is the Music Director at Calgary radio station X92.9. Matt is also the host of Xposure, which airs on Sunday nights, as well as the Alt 20 Countdown. We get the chance to talk about a wide variety of musical subjects including how your favorite songs make it onto the radio, what your band can do to improve there chances of being played on the radio and the evolution of the music industry as a whole. We also get a look into what its like being the Music Director at X92.9 and how Matt ended up in the position he is currently in.

If you would like to get a hold of Matt you can reach him at mberry@harvardbroadcasting.com or you can connect with him on social media: Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

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