E80- Woodhawk

On this episode of the podcast Cody is joined by Turner who is the lead guitar player and vocalist for the Calgary riff rock band Woodhawk. The two of them have a great conversation that covers a wide variety of subject matter including: the origins of the band and how they found their sound, the beautifully sloppy nature of punk music, being vulnerable through song writing, constantly striving for growth and not accepting perfection, the lovely people who help spread local music to the widest audience possible for no personal gain of their own, making sure your excited about the projects you take on and learning to say no, knowing your value, registering your band as a business, paying it forward and paving the road for the people who come after you, seeing your fan base grow outside of your hometown, marketing yourself in unique ways, the difficulties of touring in Canada, becoming “tour tight,” and much more. Woodhawk has just released their second full length album Violent Nature so the two of them talk all about that as well. You can listen to Old Silence off of the bands new album at the end of the episode. If you would like to pick-up a copy of the album for yourself you can do so HERE

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The guys from Woodhawk answer fan questions while eating progressively hotter wings on Woodhawt Ones Live a spoof on the popular Youtube interview show Hot Ones!

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