E73- A.Y.E.


On this episode of the podcast Cody sits down with Calgary hip-hop artist Jahimba Hutson who makes music under the name A.Y.E. Jahimba has appeared on the show before so the two of them catch up and go over the things that have happened between then and now. This conversation covers a wide variety of subject matter including: the importance of connecting with your audience, learning how to be authentic through your art, the evolution of the artist, making sure that you are always challenging yourself and growing, finding the lessons in your failures, balancing music with life and a new child, surrounding yourself with supportive people who have the same vision as you, the importance of diversifying your skills, getting back to the basics and learning new things, working out your mind as well as your body, earning your downtime, and much more. We also talk all about A.Y.E.’s latest album Soul food: The Audiobiography of… You can listen to A.Y.E.’s latest single, Sun Days, off of the album at the end of the episode. It is available for purchase HERE

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