E75- Illyrian


On this episode of the podcast Cody speaks with Jeff Perry and Darren May who are both members of the Calgary Metal band Illyrian. Cody and the guys have a great conversation and cover a wide variety of subject matter including: different song writing techniques, creative differences, the importance of pre-production and going into the studio prepared, the main thing that separates the professional musician from the amateur, the importance of visual art in the music industry, the illegible nature of metal band logos, the importance of branding your music and keeping it consistent, the business side of being in a band, learning from your mistakes, the unique nature of the metal scene in Calgary, the misconceptions some people have about metal music, remembering why we do the things we do, and much more. They also talk all about the bands new album The Entity, Unknown which is available wherever you listen to music. You can listen to the song Recipe for Disaster off of said album at the end of the episode. It is available for purchase HERE

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