E41- The Wolf of Transilvania

I speak with my good friend Andrei Cristian who makes music under The Wolf of Transilvania. Andrei is one of the best guitar players that I know personally, he seriously shreds, he also teaches guitar and is an all around good dude. We get the chance to go deep on a wide variety of music related topics including the evolution of music and music technology and the saltiness this has created in some people as well as the joys of producing music and being lucky enough to be able to. We also talk about ways in which you can support others, not just musically, but in your everyday life as well. You can catch a little sample from The Wolf of Transilvania at the end of the episode

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E03- Jeff Perry (Illyrian & Sikarra)

I talk to Jeff about his current musical projects Illyrian and Sikarra. WE talk about the thriving Calgary metal scene and the ins and outs of writing music.

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