E70- I Am The Mountain

I get the chance to sit down with Colton and Jesse of Calgary indie-soul band I Am The Mountain. This interview was conducted on a pile of bean bag chairs on location at Calgary’s Market Collective. We have a really engaging conversation where we cover a wide variety of topics including: the importance of networking and supporting each other, the collaborative nature of the Calgary music scene, a fortuitous spotlight strip tease, the importance of positive affirmations, avoiding unspoken resentment within relationships, the responsibility of the artist, the destigmatization of mental health issues, encouraging people to work towards a creative pursuit, combating impermanence through art, shooting music into outer space, the growing arts community in Calgary, connecting with other people through music, and much more. You can listen to the song Motorcycles off of the bands EP We’re Here For Each Other at the end of the episode. You can purchase said EP HERE

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