E31- Sinzere

On this episode I am joined by the extremely talented female Hip-Hop artist Sinzere. The conversation we had was very eye opening for me and it was an absolute pleasure being able to openly discuss certain issues with her. We touch on topics such as maintaining your faith, a disconnected and hurting populace, social issues regarding race and Sinzeres feeling of responsibility to use her music to speak up about these issues. We also talk about what motivates Sinzere in her everyday life, the build-up towards her first studio album, honing your craft and following your dreams. 

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E26- Organic Culture

On this episode I talk with Jesse Gates who is one half of the electronic music duo Organic Culture. Jesse is the first electronic musician and DJ that I have had on the podcast so far. I really enjoyed being able to nerd out a little bit about equipment, softwear and the whole process involved with making electronic music and DJing. We discuss the rise of festival culture around the world and the uniqueness of electronic music. You can find all of Organic Cultures music at soundcloud.com/ogculture

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E05- Dietoatiger Monthly Mixdown #1

This is the first installment of the Monthly MIxdown series. This months mix was made by the very talented Dietoatiger. We will be featuring a different DJ each month. If you or somebody you know would like to be featured on the Monthly Mixdown contact me at fstyle333@gmail.com

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