E63- The Galacticas Strike Back

I am joined yet again by Anthony and Will who make up two thirds of my favourite Calgary punk band The Galacticas! We talk about a wide variety of fun subject matter including: what to do when you forget your snare drum on tour, songwriting, fun stories from being on the road, the evolution of the creative process, life, podcasts and of course no podcast with The Galacticas would be complete if we didn’t talk about Star Wars, movies, video games and various other pop-culture references. We also talk all about the guys newest EP Emoticon which is set to release on Feb. 22. You can listen to the song VCR which is off of that EP at the end of the episode.

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Check out this awesome music video that Anthony created for the song “Mario Kart at Amy’s Apartment” which can also be found on the Emoticon EP

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