E69- E.L.F.

I sit down with 17 year old singer/ song writer Emilie Feldberg who makes music out of Calgary under the initials E.L.F. We talk about a wide variety of interesting subject matter including: the availability of live music for the younger generations, activism through music, gun violence in modern day society, the frustrations of not feeling like you have a voice, social issues, finding inspiration in all things, getting the push you need to start making music, the way people consume music in today’s society, singles vs. albums, the different ways in which people listen to music, mental health, the rewards you get from teaching music, the destigmatization of mental illness, and what the heck a mellotron is. You can listen to Emilie’s debut single Johnny Got His Gun at the end of the episode, E.L.F. wrote the song as a form of activism in response to the mass shootings she was watching on the news. It is available for download HERE

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