E76- Graham Mosimann Evening Host at X92.9


On this episode of the podcast Cody sits down with Graham Mosimann the evening host on Calgary's alternative radio station X92.9. This podcast was recorded on location at Prairie Dog Brewing. Graham and Cody have a great conversation that ranges across many topics including: their mutual love for Dungeons & Dragons, Grahams journey into radio broadcasting, bands that have influenced the counter culture, terrible bands that are filled with amazing musicians, the visceral connection people have to music, finding good music through going to shows and watching the opening act, the reasons why people listen to the radio, the joys of connecting with truly passionate people, tattoos, video games, the changing stigma on mental health issues, the evolution of the live show, the future of radio, and much more. You can catch Graham on X92.9 in the evenings Monday-Friday.

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