E72- Slam Festival w/ Jenna & Jacob


On this episode of the podcast Cody sits down with Jenna Henderson and Jacob Kelly who are two of the organizers and directors of Slam Festival. Slam is dedicated to bringing surf culture to Calgary and making river surfing available to as many people as possible. If you have ever been curious about river surfing this is the podcast for you. We cover a lot of subject matter in this podcast including: the origins of river surfing, the evolution of the Alberta River Surfing Association, the welcoming nature of the Calgary surfing community, the culture of surfing both in the water and out, the joys and sorrows of organizing a festival, all the work involved in putting the event together, the core values of the organization, the differences between river surfing and ocean surfing, and much more. If you would like to learn more about river surfing and how you can get involved please visit albertariversurfing.com.

You can purchase tickets for Slams 2019 event HERE all proceeds go towards improving river surfing in Alberta

Be sure to follow Slam on social media for up to date information on everything the organization is doing:

Facebook // Instagram // slamthefetival.com // Youtube

Slam the Kan is the longest running event in the Alberta river surfing community. The amazing Mountain wave is home to the annual Alberta River Surf championships. Video by: Module Creative Agency

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