E71- The Ashley Hundred


I sit down with Brett, Andrew, and Jordan of Calgary folkadelic beard-pop band The Ashley Hundred. The three of us have a great conversation as we cover topics such as: the guys earliest musical memories, the gateway bands of our past, the importance of pre-production, the intoxicating aspects of performing to a crowd, how if you’re playing music to get girls you’re going to be sorely disappointed, the ever evolving nature of the Calgary music scene, the uniqueness of the bands in the Calgary music scene, the responsibilities of established bands to the newer bands coming up in the scene, getting away from the famine mentality, adding a touch of comedy to your live shows, sad monkeys, getting involved with the community, the struggles of self-promotion, and much more. You can listen to their latest single Talking to Myself at the end of the episode.

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The Ashley Hundred- Talking To Myself Video by Hans Grossmann Starring Jade Benoit and Kyle Lovstrom Special thank you to all those who donated materials for us to smash. Learn more about the band: theashleyhundred.com facebook.com/theashleyhundred instagram.com/theashleyhundred

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