E66- Detractions

Detractions return for this episode of Groove Talk! They’ve dropped the “The” and are more badass than ever. We delve deep into a wide variety of really cool subject matter including: the collaborative process of being in a band, how your music matures as you grow older, the process of letting songs go but never calling them “finished,” the visceral connection that is achieved through seeing live music, making the audience feel special through your performance, flow states within music, how getting old kind of rules, the art of the album, the circular nature of the music industry, and much more. Detractions are also about to release a new EP called Smile & Nod so we talk all about that and what went into the production of it. You can listen to the song Creepshow off of their latest EP at the end of the episode. Smile & Nod will be available on March 30th and is being released through Rhodehouse Records.

Detractions will be playing an album release show at the Palomino on March 30th alongside Less Miserable, No More Moments, and Act Natural. Tickets available at www.showpass.com

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