E64- The Wolf of Transilvania

I talk to my very good friend Andrei Cristian Buldan who makes music under The Wolf of Transilvani. We talk about a wide variety of subject matter including: the finer details of music production, learning when to let go of something and move on, happy accidents, the joys of both collaboration and working on your own, how technology has helped the journey of the solo musician, setting small attainable goals, defining success, holding yourself accountable, putting in the work, becoming satisfied with life through the pursuit of a creative discipline, and a lot of other cliches that turned out to be true. Andrei also just recently released a 4 song demo and he takes us through the process of putting that together and the trials and the joys of producing it 100% on his own. You can listen to the song Together off of the 4 song demo at the end of the episode! You can listen to the entire demo HERE

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