Album Review: Loser Delusions

Loser Delusions is the third full length album released by Edmonton’s stoner rock heavy hitters Black Mastiff. These lifelong friends have been playing music together for nearly ten years. Clay Shea (Bass), Allan Harding (Drums), and Bob Yiannakoulias (Guitar/ Vocals) have made it their priority to always have fun while playing music with each other, something that they have extended to their audiences via live performance. Black Mastiff embodies the teachings of the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady indeed wins the race and it can also leave you with a killer piece of music. It’s been four years since the bands last release, they have battled through personal struggles as well as distance, using the time to hone their skills and grow as individuals as well as a band. “We stepped it up a little more than we have in the past,” says bass player Clay. “In past recordings we were always very cautious with overdubbing, worried that we wouldn’t be able to recreate it live. This time around we just made the record we wanted to make. I feel like we had a pretty clear vision and I feel like we were able to achieve it.”

Our comfort zone has always been within that mid-tempo groove and that’s a huge part of our sound. It’s fun to play upbeat songs though, with this record we give you the best of both worlds, you can rip and groove
— Clay Shea

Prepare yourselves for a journey through time as Loser Delusions takes you back to the 70’s when stoner rock kings Black Sabbath reigned over all who would come after them. This very distinct sonic signature has traveled across generations, blessing musicians with inspiration along the way, before finding its way into the hearts of the Black Mastiff trio. Each note feels like it is well thought out and deliberate as the heavy, groove laden riffs will leave your head bobbing along to the music almost of its own accord. Not only will it feel like you are traveling through time, with songs like Other Kinds or Starbase 77 it will also feel like you are exploring the deepest depths of space in search of uninhabited planets and auditory excellence. Join the sultans of fuzz as they board a starship set to explore the deepest depths of the sensory experience. The ethereal wail of the guitar tells a complex and epic story, a story that is written on the backs of the rhythm section that booms out commanding all beings in the depths of space to gather round and listen. This record will take you on an adventure across the universe that will span across a variety of tempo’s and time signatures that will keep you coming back for more again and again. “I grew up listening to records,” says bass player Clay. “A record as a whole should have a certain flow to it, it should go from song to song and have peaks and valleys, it should tell a story sonically. When you have that physical copy you listen to the whole thing. That’s how I like to listen and that’s how I hope to share our music.”

If you would like to purchase your very own copy of Loser Delusions you can do so HERE