BABYGIRLGALACTIC is the debut album from Calgary based psych-pop superstars Future Womb. The band is the brainchild of multidisciplinary artist Mikaela Cochrane (Vocals, Keys, Ukulele). She is backed by a trio of truly phenomenal musicians who are no strangers to the local scene, Michael De Souza (Bass), Andrew Ellergodt (Drums), and Jordan Moe (Guitar). These cosmic crusaders come together to form the genre bending “psychedelic darkwave popera” sound that is Future Womb. This combination of amazing artists unite to create auditory brilliance that is kind of like a way cooler, psychedelic, 70’s version of Florence and the Machine, with just a little bit of Jefferson Airplane thrown in for good measure. Future Womb will make you feel like you are at an intergalactic beach party on some far off planet that only the coolest inter dimensional beings have been invited to. Climb aboard this genre splitting time machine and prepare to be teleported back across the decades before you rocket forward into the future.

Photo by: Will Geier- Local Drop Magazine

Photo by: Will Geier- Local Drop Magazine

BABYGIRLGALACTIC is a heartfelt and honest look into the past, it touches on themes such as relationship trauma, wasted potential, humiliation, and above all recovery. The vulnerability that lead singer Mikaela Cochrane shows with the lyrical content is admirable and makes it almost impossible not to feel something as she beautifully weaves her autobiographical tale. The vocals occupy a diverse frequency spectrum and move across a wide range of musical styles. They drip with a sultriness, that you would expect to find in a smokey Las Vegas lounge straight out of the 50’s, but maintain their playful property and are belted forth in a way that a 90’s pop powerhouse would be proud of. The audible ebb and flow that is present throughout the album is a lovely contrast- soft and airy where appropriate yet sharp and biting when necessary. The surfy sounding guitar and groovy bass lines play off of each other perfectly, they hit you like a psychedelic wave that pulls you out into a tranquil sea which hides a dark and dangerous under current. The polarizing synth lines add an element of dreamy 70’s psychedelia, like can be found in the song Hush, but also have a crunchy 8-bit operatic feel, like the interlude before the single Kill Kitty Kill (Found below).

With her first single release, we felt in the womb, scared and shy; and in the second, she takes us straight to the future, a world that shakes with no safety nets.
— Jillian Daniel
Writing these songs got me through my lowest lows. It never occurred to me in those moments that I would get to a point of sharing them, let alone that anyone would be listening. I hope these songs can provide some comfort for people who are experiencing their own rock bottom, and maybe the fact that I felt that much pain, too, & managed to keep going, can help provide a little bit of hope.
— Mikaela Cochrane

Cycle is a earnest introduction to a journey that will take the listener across time and space, and at times, it will even take you to the darkest depths of an impassioned deep blue sea. The journey is dotted with experimental ballads, like the heart wrenching TGIF, Kaleidoscopic jam sessions, and mind-bending bangers, like the wickedly weird Gossip. Future Womb has produced an album that is delightfully different and experimental that pulls you in with purposeful pop hooks and gloriously groovy instrumentation. Baby Girl Galactic is the antithesis of boredom, a crusader against the mundane, a warrior against the uninteresting status quo, and really, really good.

BABYGIRLGALACTIC was produced by Taylor Cochrane and will be available everywhere April 19 2019

If you would like to find out more about Future Womb and their debut album Baby Girl Galactic check out E62 of Groove Talk (Found below) which features Mikaela Cochrane, lead singer of the band.