Album Review: Here Before

Here Before is the highly anticipated fourth album released by Calgary stoner rock staples Chron Goblin. The band has been providing heavy experimental excellence to the city for over a decade now. These purveyors of groove- Josh Sandulak (Vocals), Devin “Darty” Purdy (Guitar), Richard Hepp (Bass), and Brett Whittingham (Drums),- have been entertaining audiences since their formation in 2009. Chron Goblin stands on the shoulders of giants as their music pays homage to the hard rock legends that have come before them. The bands familiar sound might remind some of Black Sabbath or Matodon, but Chron Goblin brings fresh life to the stoner rock genre and creates an experience that is uniquely their own. The riff wizards of old would be thrilled to find out that the knowledge they have bestowed upon the world was being put to good use. The guys have really stepped up their game, both in songwriting and production, and their forth full-length album is the product of their collective experience and passion for music. Recorded at Juno Award winning OCL studios and distributed by Grand Hand Records Here Before is like a melodic thunderstorm that reverberates through your ears and sends an electric buzz coursing through your body.


Here Before opens with a dreamy progression that quickly gives way to a medley of heavy guitar riffs and the driving drum beats of Oblivion. This opening really sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s the perfect mixture of heaviness and melody that is accented with a softness that keeps it dynamic and interesting. Like can be found on the track Ghost, the addition of subtle piano riffs adds a melodic softness that plays well with the groove heavy riffs and powerful vocal performance. The vocals seem to echo out across time and space as they are belted forth with meaning and intentionality. The hypnotic wail of the guitar will leave you in a dreamlike trance from whence you hope not to awake. The riffs drip with precision and the listener is taken on an in-depth adventure across the fret board. The drum work is masterfully done and is able to really shine through on any one of the commanding fills that are littered throughout the album. The dark and stormy bass lines dance across the soundscape and provide a solid backbone for this hard rock machine. The guys are able to take their feet off the gas and show us their musical range with songs like Giant and a number of other airy interludes that provide space and give contrast to the rest of the album. Here Before will transport you to a place where an endless ocean of sand meets the hazy sky. A place where things like giants and ghosts are closer to fact then they are to fiction and shamanic coyotes roam through the dessert and howl at a technicolour moon. A place where music and the epic collide.

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