Artist Highlight: Chron Goblin

Since their formation in 2009 YYC prog. rock legends Chron Goblin have become a staple of the Calgary music scene. Their unique blend of melody with aggression and groove leaves us with a fresh interpretation of heavy metal music. The band has released three full length albums and has received international acclaim with tours throughout Europe and the USA. "We're always proud, whenever we're touring internationally, to let people know we're from Calgary," says lead guitar player Devin Purdy, "Calgary is an amazing home and we've always had such amazing support from our fans and our friends and family." Chron Goblins third full length album "Backwater" was recorded at Toadhouse Studios in Portland, Oregon by Adam Pike. It has received a huge amount of attention by critics and fans a like and the title track off of the album has been nominated for Music Video of the Year by the YYC Music Awards.

Track: Backwater Album: Backwater Label: Ripple Music - Directed & Edited by Grant Cooper Written by Grant Cooper & Josh Sandulak Purchase Backwater at

"It's awesome (to be nominated by the YYC Music Awards) it turned out to be a really good music video. We shot with really really talented people out in the badlands of Alberta, a lot of effort went into it and it turned out really well. We're honored to be nominated for this award. Anytime we get to be a part of something that embraces Calgary's music scene we're usually pretty stoked to be a part of it.

The video below contains my full conversation with Devin, I highly recommend you give it a listen. Devin shares stories of past tours, what the writting process is like and gives some helpful hints to those who may be just starting out in music. 

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