Artist Highlight: FOONYAP

Recognized by the CBC as one of Calgary's top 10 emerging artists FOONYAP combines folk music with elements from electronic music to deliver melody's that are beautiful to behold. She incorporates a hauntingly beautiful combination of her Chinese heritage and classical violin into her music creating a unique sound that is a refreshing change. Her latest album "Palimpsest" is a myriad of self-reflection and a look into her past and present realities. It is a journey of self discovery that is raw and unguarded. She explores the complex themes of letting go of ones past to make room for understanding and learning as well as the acceptance and love for ones self through her compositions. Her song "The Fun Machine" has been nominated by the YYC Music Award's for music video of the year.  

Single from FOONYAP's LP 'Palimpsest', available now.

FOONYAP has also been nominated by the YYC Music Awards for female artist of the year. This is what she had to say about that:

"I feel deeply appreciative, there are many fantastic female artists from Calgary. I am so honored to be nominated as one of them. It would mean a lot (to win female artist of the year), it would mean that I am able to share my work with new audiences across Calgary. I would be thrilled with the recognition my work would get through winning the award. I'm always appreciative of the recognition primarily because I feel the story I tell is quite important and it means I can share it with more people. I'm excited to see that audiences are interested in a unique story like mine."   

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