Album Review: Indigo Hours

Indigo Hours is the debut release from one of my favorite local hip-hop artists right now, Alter Ego Collective. The first time I listened to this album I was hooked. Each track is masterfully curated to take the listener on an auditory journey as AEC experiments with a wide variety of sounds, tempos and moods. Alter Ego Collectives lyrical style and flow is the perfect complement to the groovy synth lines and punchy beats that bleed into almost every song. The production quality of this seven track album is top notch and, for a local independent artist, it is some of the best production I have heard on an album thus far. It is nearly impossible not to bob your head along to the catchy hooks and funky beats that are present throughout this entire album.

Track list for Indigo Hours

Track list for Indigo Hours

Alter Ego Collective takes us on a trip through a multitude of unique soundscapes. Indigo Hours features everything from soulful summertime jams to emotionally charged hip-hop ballads. The attention to detail and thoughtful lyrics will leave you wanting more. The album starts off strong with a track aptly named “Introduction” which gives you a taste of the high production value that is present throughout Indigo Hours. Coming in with psychedelic synth lines and a chilled out rhythm, the track “Indigo Skies” is a laid back summertime anthem that will transport you into a world of funky relaxation. The track “Olde English” provides you with a catchy chorus that is hard not to sing along to and I have heard it will soon be accompanied by a music video. My favorite track off the album, “Feel the Love,” features soulful vocal sampling that perfectly complements the harmonious back track and fits perfectly with AEC’s style of hip-hop. Every time I listen to this track it puts a smile on my face and I have a tendency to hit the repeat button whenever it comes on.   

Every time I listen to Indigo Hours by Alter Ego Collective I can’t help but picture myself sitting on my back porch on a warm summer evening smoking a fat one and sipping on a beer. I am truly excited to see what the future holds for this talented local artist.

You can listen to the full album HERE

If you would like to pick up a copy of Indigo Hours contact Alter Ego Collective HERE