EP Review: Alberta Girls, Sci-Fi and Rock N Roll- The Galacticas

Alberta Girls, Sci-fi and Rock N Roll is the first musical release from one of Calgary’s best pop/punk bands The Galacticas. The four song EP is an absolute treat for the ears. It masterfully combines catchy chorus’, meaningful lyrics and tasteful guitar shredding with a seemingly nostalgic sound that will teleport you back to the late 90’s. Think Blink 182, minus the whininess of Tom Delong. The hard work that the trio has put into this EP shines through. Each one of the four songs has the potential to root itself deep within your brain. My favorite song, The Ego Industry, has been stuck in my head like glue for weeks now. You will find yourself singing along with every track however and it’s almost impossible not to move your body as the unique vocals and fun guitar riffs take hold. The EP kicks off with the title track, Alberta Girls, Sci-Fi and Rock N Roll, and keeps that high energy feel throughout the entirety of the four songs as it finishes off with the ballad of the aging rocker, Dashboard Light Surrender.

This was my favorite track off of the EP. It's catchy chorus is what originally drew me in but I stayed for the cool guitar licks and impressive drumming. 

The bold coloring of their sci-fi album art only adds to the 90’s vibe. It’s kind of like if prozzack and the transformers had a baby, the love child of that coupling would fit well onto the cover of the EP I feel. The band has also released music video for the track Alberta Girls, Sci-Fi and Rock N Roll featuring these quirky charactors. The music video will take you back to a simpler time when you would eat cereal and watch Saturday morning cartoons in your underwear.  

The Galacticas have set the bar high for themselves with this first release. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for these punk rockers who have found their way onto my daily music rotation. I cannot wait for their next release.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Alberta Girls, Sci-Fi and Rock N Roll HERE