Intergalactic Pop/Punk Bad-asses The Galacticas Step-up Their Game with New Album Diagnostics

Everyone's favorite intergalactic trio of rocking robots have put together a collection of up-beat, catchy songs that deal with emotionally charged subject matter using fun, nerdy lyrics and a multitude of science fiction references. Diagnostics is the first full length album put out by sci-fi pop-punk bad-asses, The Galacticas. The nine track album (10 if you buy the physical copy with a special bonus track on the CD) features an assortment of electrifying new songs that push the boundaries of the bands sound while still staying true to their roots.  

"We use geeky references, but we are trying to say something else with those geeky references," says guitarist and lead vocalist Anthony

 "Yea there's nerdy references but there not jokes," says drummer Will

Album art done by Rob Gruszecki

Album art done by Rob Gruszecki

I feel like The Galacticas have really found their sound with Diagnostics. They've taken what they've learnt from their debut EP and applied it to the album. It's still got that pop-punk feel and slight goofiness that you've come to expect from the band, but the sound and the lyrical content have evolved into something a little more mature.

"The EP was interesting," says Will, "because we were still trying to figure ourselves out, in relation to the band, and what sound we wanted to go for."

"The EP was very vibrant and kind of goofy and we wanted to tone that down a bit for the album," says Anthony

One thing is certain, the guys have definitely stepped up their shred game for this release. From the face melting guitar solo's, like the one off the track Armageddon, to the gut-busting bass lines to the hard hitting drums; it's clear that the band is willing to take more risks to achieve auditory excellence. The experimentation with new sounds, such as the contrasting female vocals found on Rotoscoping (Beth Tronnes) or the wailing harmonica riff found on Last Ditch, is exciting to hear and adds a depth to the albums sound that showcases the bands growth.     

When you realize it's time to finally give away your action figures... The Alderaan Song

All in all I really, really like this album... I've easily listened to Diagnostics over 30 times cover to cover since it's release. It's hard not to sing along to the catchy choruses that so easily get stuck in your head. The lyrical content is tongue in cheek genius that resonates with my aging inner nerd. I give Diagnostics by The Galacticas 9 exploding Death Star's out of 10!

"It's kind of like a Marvel movie. It's got it's humor and can be goofy, but it also takes itself seriously."

You can get your own copy of Diagnostics HERE and most places music is sold. I highly recommend you try to score yourself a physical copy though so you can listen to that bonus 10th track.

If you would like to find out more of what went into the making of Diagnostics or about The Galacticas in general check out this podcast I did with band members Will and Anthony